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Sporting Clays

The game of Sporting Clays is the fastest growing shotgun sport in the world. Sporting Clays is shot on a course with a varying number of stations. Each of Selwood's 26 stations provides the shooter with a different pair of target presentations.

Many people refer to this game as "golf with a shotgun."

Our Course

Selwood's comprehensive shooting facility includes 26 fully automated shooting fields.

Stations 1 - 18 make up a standard 100 target course. For shooters that are looking for a little extra challenge, stations labeled A - H offer target presentations that will put even the experienced shooter to the test!  We are constantly making improvements and changes that add to the quality and enjoyment of our entire facilty.

What Do I Need?

To shoot a round of Sporting Clays at Selwood you will need the following: a double barrel or semi-automatic shotgun, 100 shot shells, 71/2 or smaller (4 boxes), eye and ear protection and someone to work the remote control as the entire course is automated. A group of two to four shooters is the best size for each group or team. 

The Pro Shop at Selwood sells a variety of shooting supplies, shells and also has rental guns (new model Beretta and Browning). A credit card or driver's license is held in the office while you use the gun. 

How Do I Get Started?

Check the Special Events page to make sure that Selwood is open and there is not a large event. Call ahead to reserve a golf cart. When you arrive at Selwood park in the designated area and come to office to sign in, sign a waiver, pay, receive your scorecard and cart keys. A brief safety talk is given for first-time shooters. Any questions you may have will be answered before heading to the course.

What About Target Presentation and Score Keeping?

The entire course is clearly marked with signs that will guide you to every station. Always stay on the cart path! On each station you will see the menu for targets at that particular station. Each station has a mailbox that houses the remote programmed for throwing targets at that station. 

Targets are typically shot as "True Pairs", both targets launched simultaneously when the shooter says "Pull", or "Report Pairs". With the Report Pair, the shooter calls for the first target and at the firing of the gun, the second target is released by the worker of the remote. After each participant has completed his menu, turn off remote and return it to the mailbox. To score your game put an "x" for each broken target by the appropriate station box on the scorecard. If the target is missed, an "o" is placed in the box.

Call us or fill out a form to learn more!