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From the moment our guests arrive at Selwood, one thing is obvious–Selwood’s passion for shooting and outdoor lifestyle.

We are proud of our southern heritage, circa 1834. There is nothing more rejuvenating to the soul than experiencing a guided hunt on one of our carefully managed fields. The Hill family finds something special in watching others discover the beauty of being outdoors and connecting with friends and family at Selwood Farm. From business meetings, hosting large & small corporate gatherings, to providing comfortable and spacious lodging options for overnight stays, Selwood has the amenities to fit a variety of needs for our members and guests. Selwood Farm is proud to be the oldest sporting clay course in the state and offer the absolute best in shooting sport activities and upland bird hunting in the southeast.


The activities at Selwood Farm

We offer a variety of outdoor activities for private, family, or corporate members and guests. 


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