Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Monday – Saturday  8:30- 4:30

Beginning April 1st , Tuesday- Saturday 8:30- 4:30


How much time is required to shoot a round of clays?

2 ½ hours


How much does this cost?

Guest rates are $0.44 a target

Member rates are $0.39 a target


Why should I take an introductory lesson?

Learning the fundamentals of sporting clays is easy and will insure a greater level of success


How much are lessons?

Private lessons are are $75.00 an hour. This does not include target and ammo cost.

Please Call for Group Rates.


Do you rent shotguns and what types?

Yes, 12, 20 and 28 Gauge Beretta and Browning Shotguns


Can I bring my own shotgun and ammo?



Can we rent a shotgun for more than one shooter?



What shooting games do you offer?

Sporting Clays, Super Sporting Clays, 5 Stand Sporting, Helice and Wobble


What is five stand?

Five stand is a compact version of sporting clays. Targets are thrown from 6 traps, varying level of difficulty. Five stand can accommodate up to 5 shooters at one time.


What is wobble?

Wobble trap is 2 machines that occilate horizontally and vertically and can accommodate 2 shooters


Do you have a minimum age requirement for shooting?

No, as long as the shooter is accompanied by a person 18 years or older.


Can you teach my child to shoot?

Yes, Contact Alan Hill to schedule Lessons. 256-362-3961


What type of paperwork do I need to fill out?

An electronic waiver has to filled out in the main office every time a person shoots at Selwood


Are there any restrictions on what kind of shotgun I can bring?

12 Gauge or smaller


Do you sell eye and ear protection?



Do you sell ammo?